Why did you become a doula?

Every woman has the right to:

  • safe and appropriate maternity care that respects her dignity 

  • privacy and confidentiality 

  • make choices about her own pregnancy and childbirth 

  • equality and freedom from discrimination


Why hire a doula?

In short, I am your advocate. Here to stand in your corner, provide non-judgemental holistic support, and empower you make informed choices for you and your baby.

Not long!

Although I haven't attended a birth yet as a fully qualified doula, most doulas say their journey to starts way before their training, and I'm no different.

I'm about to begin my official mentoring process with Doula UK, after being taught this year, by Maddie of Developing Doulas (an expert in her field!) 

I highly recommend Maddie's book

"Why mothering matters"  

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How long have you been a doula?


It's not so much why, as how. Much of the process was unconscious, I grew into it naturally through being  drawn to learn and practise the skills doulas need, before I realised they had a name


Historically women often became doulas in their communities, and as we lose that sense of local community, in a society that undervalues 'women's work' and mothering in general, I felt called to enter this new community of doulas, who seek to uplift women, and restore the value of gentle nurturing

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What's a doula?

Hiring a doula can be an immensely personal experience, and just like parents, doulas can be very individual in their style, and the support they offer. I will always ask to meet face to face before making a booking. 

This page is just to give you a basic insight into my practice, so you can decide if you want to reach out, and start the process of getting to know each other a bit better. 


There's only one rule for birthing, I'm not a medical professional, and a doula is not a substitute for a midwife. Outside of that there are a myriad of ways you might want me to support you during the birth of your baby, physically, emotionally, or even from outside of the birthing room. Maybe looking after your birthing partner(s), or any young children who live with you. It's always more than preferable to have explored these options before the main event, but it's never too late to reach out to me for support. If you're in labour and you think you need me, call.

Congratulations! This is the start of your journey, and where you begin to lay the foundations for your life as a parent. You may be feeling like you want support focused on the things you're going through in the present, or maybe you're looking forward towards the birth. The centre of both of these feelings can best be described as adjusting to transition. During this time I can provide a fresh pair of un-biased eyes, helping you look at where you are now, and where you would like to be at the end of your birthing journey. As my client you will always take the lead on what you want to explore, and I can support you with evidence-based practical information, links to professionals in your local area, or just a good old-fashioned shoulder to cry on.



Where postpartum starts and ends can feel like a fuzzy progression. It even takes your baby some time from when they are first born, to realise they are separate from the person who grew them. Many parents feel this evolution takes years, if not a lifetime! My goal is to help you navigate through the very first hurdles you face with your tiny human. You may want some signposts for postnatal advice, practical help around the house, or somebody to help mediate with visitors and in-laws. You may also find that you need to take some time to process your birthing experience, your previous birthing experiences, or memories and feelings that resurface from your own birth or childhood. I can provide a safe space and a listening ear, for anything you need to vent in order to move on with your journey. Although uniquely wonderful, it's also widely acknowledged that this can be a very challenging time for parents, and I will do everything I can to leave you feeling safe, secure, and in control.


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