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What makes me lgbtq friendly?



Congratulations! You've already begun to lay the foundations for your life as a parent. You may be feeling like you want support focused on the things you're going through in the present, or maybe you're looking forward towards the birth. The centre of both of these feelings can best be described as adjusting to transition. During this time I can provide a fresh pair of un-biased eyes, helping you look at where you are now, and where you would like to be at the end of your birthing journey. As my client you will always take the lead on what you want to explore, and I can support you with evidence-based practical information, links to professionals in your local area, or just a good old-fashioned shoulder to lean on. During your second trimester is also the ideal time to start your hypnobirthing sessions, find out more here


There's only one rule for birthing, I'm not a medical professional, and a doula is not a substitute for a midwife. Outside of that there are a myriad of ways you might want me to support you during the birth of your baby, physically, emotionally, or even from outside of the birthing room. Maybe looking after your birthing partner(s), or any young children who live with you. It's always more than preferable to have explored these options in full before the main event, but it's never too late to reach out to me for support as long as it's before labour has started. I can support any type of birth, at home, in a birthing unit, on the central delivery suite, including birth by c-section.


Please contact me to discuss your post-natal requirements. The variation in post-natal care that I can provide makes it difficult to find one size solution for everyone. Therefore it's best if we speak first to get a better picture of what support you what, how often you want it, and for how long. This might be affected by the amount of help you already have on hand, or if there were significant issues with the birth of your baby. The more detail you can give me, the better we can create a plan together that will have lasting benefits beyond those first precious months with your baby. 

I also offer a range of support options here for other needs, such as antenatal classes for people who won't be attending the birth.


If there's any kid of support option relating to pregnancy, birth or parenting that you can't see listed on my website, please send me an email, so I can refer you to a colleague, or look into providing the service myself.

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This page is for people seeking a doula to support them either, through a combination of pregnancy, birth and the post natal period, or for all the above. It should give you a more in depth idea of the care I can provide during these times...


Every person has the right to:

  • Safe and appropriate maternity care that respects their dignity, privacy and confidentiality. 

  • Make choices about their own pregnancy and childbirth

  • Equality and freedom from discrimination

See Birth

What are my birth rights?

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All options can be attended solo, with no more than one additional person attending. 

Basic birth doula: £1500

- Two antenatal visits

- 'On call' period two weeks either side of your EDD

- Attending your birth

- Care in the immediate hours after birth

- Remote support

Birth doula with hypnobirthing:£1760

- Four antenatal visits

- Full hypnobirthing course, in your own home

- 'On call' period two weeks either side of your EDD

- Attending your birth

- Care in the immediate hours after birth

- Remote support

Postnatal doula (stand alone or add on): Price and support options on request

All options include:

- Remote support

- Birth story debrief 

If you would like to pay in instalments, just let me know. Please note the options listed above are existing packages, however I'm more than happy to discuss tailored packages if required.

If you change your mind after your initial booking, I'm always open to making alterations further down the line.

Email me


We can then arrange a free consultation over the phone at a time that suits you

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