Where can I birth with you?

I'm equally comfortable with homebirths, hospitals, or midwife led units, and there's a great variety of places you can choose for your birth in Birstol. If you haven't already made a choice, this is something I can help you navigate during our antenatal sessions. I'm quite happy to attend tours of birth units with you, if you feel it's appropriate. But as always, your birth, your choice!

How much does it cost to hire you?

Packages are flexiable depending on your needs, including how many sessions you require, and if you chose to include postnatal care. However it's worth noting, until I finish my mentoring period, I am charging a reduced rate for clients to reflect this. Your first appointment with me will be a consultation, which is always free. Please send me an email, and we can arrange to talk and discuss your needs.

Do you give medical advice?

It's really important for me to state that I'm not medically trained, and as such I can never give medical advice. I can however signpost you to the latest advice, and medical practicioners in your area. I am not a replacement for a midwife, and I cannot do my job without one present. If you are looking for alternative care, it may be worth investing in an independant midwife. I can talk to you about this before you hire them, and would be happy to work alongside them.

I'm having an elective c-section, can I still hire you?

Yes! Our antenatal and postnatal appointments will still be an important part of the process, to ease you into the transition of becoming a parent. As for the actual birth, the amount of support I can provide depends on the policy of the Trust carrying out the c-section. However even if I'm not allowed in surgery, I will still be on call for you, and can assist you and your birthing partner(s) either side of the delivery room. The support I provide is the same as it would be if my client was called in for an emergency c-section, except with the benifit of knowing before the day.

Do you give breastfeeding advice?

I'm not a breastfeeing councillor or advisor, but I have been trained in troubleshooting basic breastfeeding issues as part of my doula training. If you choose to breastfeed I will be your most avid supporter, but it's your baby and your choice. Nobody can say how things will pan out, which is why I'm there to provide support, and can put you in touch with professionals in your area if we can't find a soloution between both us, and your healthworkers.

Do I have to do hypnobirthing with you to hire you as my doula?

No! You may not want to explore hypnobirthing at all, maybe you have already had sessions with someone else, or maybe you'd like to shop around for a practitioner. You are perfectly welcome to hire me as your doula, and then come to your own decision about hypnobirthing at a later date. I think hypnobirthing is one of the most brilliant tools you can add to your kit to help you prepare for birth, and as your doula I'd love to talk you through your options. Find out more here

What makes you LGBTQ+ friendly?

As a member of the community I feel a strong sense of repsonsiblity to let people know I'm an ally before they even meet me. I want to ensure people know they're entering a space where they can be vulnerable and feel held, right from the start of our relationship. Birthing is a very personal act that requires every single part of us and our identity. The more empowered you feel, the more positive your birth experience will be. All doulas come from a place of non-judegmental respect, it seems quite natrual to me that this would include the basics of using preffered pronouns, and challanging the patriarchal norms inbuilt in our language. I'm also proactive in researching issues which affect the antenatal, birthing and parenting experince of the trans community.

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