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  • Can clients arrange a fitting?
    We try to simplify the process by creating garments that don't require fittings, but understand those who need peace of mind. I can't travel for fittings, but if you can come in person to my Bristol studio, we might be able to arrange something suitable. If this isn't an option, we'll try our best to find another solution.
  • Can clients provide the fabric?
    If you have an item of clothing, or a scrap of fabric you want us to include, we're open to suggestions. However, we would ask that you accept that you are trusting us with the outcome, and that we won't be able to return that fabric to it's original state once it's been transformed.
  • Can clients rent a garment?
    Unfortunately I'm not ready to offer this service yet, besides many people are surprised by how sentimental their dress becomes to them, after the day. However, if you decide you don't want to keep your wedding outfit, you can offer to sell it back to us at a revised price, so that we can breathe new life into it once again.
  • Do you stock my size?
    I'm plus size positive, therefore I aim to cover a wide enough variation of ready-to-wear sizes, labelled S/M/L/XL, intended for a loose fit. Transforming preloved clothes often means the new design stays the size of the original garment, however we can usually make alterations to change sizing post-purchase. Larger custom sizing requirements can be catered to upon request. Just as I am inclusive to all genders and sexual orientations, I would never discriminate against a potential client based on their size.
  • What is your returns policy?
    We have a standard returns policy that we enforce strictly. We are happy to accept unworn returned items in their original quality, within 30 days of the date that you purchased the item. We cannot accept the return of any damaged goods. If an item arrives damaged, please contact us immediately, by email, with photographic proof, so we can resolve the issue.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Items returned adhearing to the returns policy will be refunded in full, however we cannot refund any shipping costs. We will endevour to process all refunds within 5 working days, unless there are any complications, in which case we will contact you as soon as possible.
  • What is your ethical policy?
    All our garments are produced by me in my studio in Bristol. I don't currently employ anybody else, or outsource any work, other than branding and marketing materials. If this changes I will update this policy. Transparency is important to me as a business owner, and I'll always keep my customers updated on any changes that occur concerning my business.
  • What is your environmental policy?
    We will always use 100% recycled fabrics, and try to sustainably source any items we use that can't be found secondhand. Our shared studio space reduces the amount of power studio memebers use induvidually. I travel to and from the studio by bike, public or shared transport. We're commited to reducing our environmental impact as much as possible, and are always willing to listen to suggestions from our peers and clients.
  • Why is sustainability so important to you?
    Fabric waste, overconsumption and chemical processes are rampant in the textiles industry. I believe that every penny we spend is a vote for the type of world we want to live in, and for me that means a socially responsible, and environmentally friendly world.
  • How long have you been making clothes?
    My mum studied textiles, and had a home studio while I was growing up, so I learnt to sew from her, and bought myself my own sewing machine when I was 12. I've been making clothes ever since, and studied textiles all the way through school to degree level.
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