I also facilitate a confidential Bristol based support group, for women with messy maternal relationships. Meeting monthly for member-led topic-based chat, a safe space to vent, and network building. If you'd like to join, please

send me an email.

I was born in funny little town near Bristol, Stroud. I went back there to give birth to my

son, but have spent the time in between moving back and forth between Taunton, Bristol and London. 

Please note: If you're looking for a contact number on this site,

you won't find one. To keep things easier for everyone, my policy

is, only call me if you've made an appointment, or in an emergency

I feel very blessed to have clarity in my life now, and ultimately to have realised that the thread which runs through all the projects I've been passionate about, is celebrating the individuality of women.

On paper I'm a single mum, but I would be amiss if I didn't credit my fantastic friends, family and chosen family, who often step in the co-parent role. I'm a supporter of unconventional parenting set-ups, and people who step outside of the patriarchal norms. It goes without saying, I'm a feminist!

This unsettled feeling was theme of my life, in relationships, work, aspirations. I felt like the link between all the things I wanted to do, and the things I could do wasn't clear. I also struggled with my mental health as I sailed through jobs in disparate sectors.


I was always so busy, a lot of the time in an effort to distract myself, that it took losing my physical health, and a period of bedrest, for me to focus and connect the dots.

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