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Natwest "Bring it 2020" Crowdfunder

Today my Crowdfunder in partnership with Natwest, went live. "Bring it 2020" is a competition as part the "Back Her Business" accessible business start-up programme for women, to help close gender gap in business, providing mentoring, workshops, crowdfunding coaching and events in the community.

My goal is to cover rented private storage space for my first year of business. I already have the basic groundwork laid out to get started. I have enough material for a whole collection, and I'm already a member of a shared sewing studio, with professional equipment. The studio is perfect in many ways, the shared nature of it means it’s more environmentally friendly, and its location cuts down on transport. However, it lacks one thing: storage space! To go any further with my business, I need a dedicated, clean and private space to keep finished garments, stay organised and prevent any damage to my finished work. A private storage space would also allow me to store a mobile set up for trade fairs, essential for marketing my business and reaching new clients.

You can read more about my project, and see the rewards up for grabs for supporters, by visiting the Crowdfunder page here:

Reward highlights include bridal dresses and skirts, well below retail price, as well as veils, and gift-cards valid for up to 5 years from purchase.


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