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Black Maternal Health Resource List

If you follow me over on Instagram, you'll know I've been vocal in both my support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and also with amplifying Black voices to learn from and support. My favourite resource came across during this time, was the resource list that Every Mom Counts posted. I originally had the link for this list in my Instagram bio, so I'm posting it here to give it a permanent spot:

  • It's separated into three categories:

  • The Impact of Systemic Racism on Black Maternal Health

  • Policy Recommendations & Books on the Black Maternal Health Crisis

  • Anti-racism and Allyship

I've also been returning to a lot of Toni Morrison interviews and texts. I find the way she talks about motherhood so moving and inspirational. part of the reason why I became a doula, was I love to read, to soak in information, and dig deep into my personal interests. However, direct action is the foundation for my politics. We must donate, write to our MPs, sign petitions, and march if we can. My job as a doula is to be a neutral influence on the people I'm supporting, but the personal is always political. Black women are treated horrendously at the medicalised hand of institutional racism, we must do all we can as birth-workers to combat this, including recommending, paying and promoting Black birth-workers. Please find some personal recommendations below:

Jamaa Birth Village are a collective of Black midwives and doulas who have creating scared & safe spaces for expectant women and families in Ferguson, Missouri and St. Louis. They are combatting racial and health inequities by focusing on enhancing individual care, empowering families and celebrating cultural heritage, in a community care setting. You can support them from the UK by donating here.

Abuela Doulas is the first Black owned, founded & created UK Doula Course. They offer unique courses, their blog is fantastic, and their Instagram is a joy to follow.

Nyumbani Kwa Mama offer a directory of UK birth-workers of colour, including doulas, midwives, antenatal teachers, alternative therapies, photographers, and hypnotherapists. They have a blog and social media you can follow too.

Rise Up Midwife was created by China Tolliver. They are a collection of artists and activists who sell amazing LGBTQ+ inclusive midwife and birth-worker themed apparel and design. Their "Decolonize Birthwork" mug is on my birthday list.


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