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Healing dysfunction from our maternal relationships

I've created a small booklet for my doula bag, on a subject that's dear to my practise. In it I've collated my research into how we can manage dysfunctional thinking patterns and behaviour, in ourselves, as a result of a complicated or difficult maternal relationship, which occurred during our foundational years. I don't claim it to be a definitive guide, but a stepping stone at the start of a journey to healing. It is an important topic, that can influence over everything in our lives, including how we parent, and birth, so I'm glad to have this in my library now. If you would like to read it, you can download both the original text with citations, or the version formatted for the printable booklet, below.

Plain booklet text - with citations
Download PDF • 135KB

Download PDF • 667KB

All research was carried out independently by me, and all text was written by me. You are welcome to use the materials, as long as you maintain credit to the author.


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